hello friends! You may notice a new little logo on our site.

Who’s mitten films?
Am I on the right site?

Something pretty exciting has happened here in the land of Shutter Speed Productions. We have changed our name and are working on a really exciting rebranding!

Shutter Speed Productions is now (insert fancy drum roll!) : mitten films !!

I am so excited for this venture. Over the past couple of years I have focused more and more energy on my wedding films, and less on photography. I wanted a change that was super simple, clean and film focused. I hope you love “mitten films” !!

I was nervous pushing play on this- afraid of change since we do not advertise and all business is word of mouth. If you’re reading this you are likely a friend or acquaintance, or someone we’ve worked with before! (Which naturally makes you a friend!! :))

Anyone visiting shutterspeedproductions will be re-directed to mitten films.

Email to jball@shutterspeedproductions.com will still reach me. However- my new email is:

We are hoping you will check out our new website and facebook page, and continue to spread the good words. Thanks for the love and support always!

Mitten films