Last fall I spoke with Brandon and Donald over the phone and they presented me with an opportunity to be a part of something that would allow me to stretch my creative wings. Weddings are lovely, and every single one is different. I don’t however, always get to shoot at an old abandoned film studio in the middle of Detroit. I don’t get to watch a first dance modeled after a Katy Perry song and a couple that asks me if I can create something as cinematic and creative as this.

Brandon + Donald’s wedding was held at The Jam Handy in the great city of Detroit MI. We got to work with the AMAZING amazing team at Two Foot Creative. I can safely say I’ve never watched a team work as hard as I witnessed their crew work to transform and create this dream of a wedding.

I had so much fun combining their vision with my vision, and there’s nothing more rewarding than thinking something up in your mind and being able to see it come to life.

I give you- Brandon + Donald’s Highlight Film.

Thank you so much guys for trusting me to create this for you. I hope you love every second of it. Your wedding was a joy and an honor to be a part of.