Amy and Bryant had a beautiful wedding at The Blue Dress Barn in Benton Harbor, MI. I’ve had many friends get the chance to work at this BEAUTIFUL venue, but this was my first time here. We took a four person team to the Barn to shoot both photos and video. We also had the opportunity to work with Forever Always Events – and they were so great! Everything was just beautiful.

Amy & Bryant’s wedding day was rainy from the start- like really rainy- not just a few cute wedding day drops- BUT it really added something a little romantic to the day. Not only that, but just at the most perfect time- the weather cleared up and they were able to have their ceremony outside like they planned. We were able to get all of the photos we wanted and walk around as well and the day ended just beautifully. All of the details were stunning and we had a really great time with this group.

Thank you so much Amy and Bryant for having us as a part of your day. We just loved being a part of it and are so happy you’ll have these memories to hold on to!

~The Mitten Crew