Victoria + Ryan. This late September day at Double K Estate in Boyne Falls was just another reason why I love my job just so darn much. If you follow along and watch ALLL the wedding videos you’ll know we’ve been here before. You’ll also think I’m a broken record by saying I absolutely love this venue. But I do. I cannot lie. It’s so beautiful at one of the most beautiful places in our state. This little corner of Michigan has so much to offer. I am always happy about driving north to shoot here and this day was no exception.
We instantly felt like friends with Victoria, Ryan and all of their friends. I knew they were cool but they solidified it when Victoria said after they exchanged rings- “Cool ring bro.”
We shot this one alongside our friend Amy with Amy Carroll Photography. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Love you guys. Loved your day, and I know you’ll love your film.