This year is different. Really different. Every single couple planning a wedding this year is facing tough decisions. To get married, to wait, to have a wedding – but a different one than they thought. To not have a wedding- but still get married.

There are SO many decisions. And none of them are easy. 
Nikki and Grant were our first couple to get married this year. Last spring we stood in an orchard of blooming trees and talked about all of their plans for their big day, and then it just all changed. I was so happy to hear though, that they had a plan, and they were going to make this thing happen. 

This year, I want our couples to tell their story. To walk you through a little of what they’ve been through. So here’s their day, in Nikki and Grant’s words. 


“We were ahead of the game on every little detail. The wedding was totally set and ready with months still to go. Then COVID happened. We waited it out and really didn’t think it would interfere by the time June rolled around. There was just no way! All our vendors were still on board and ready to make the day happen, I think before anyone realized how bad it was going to get. Then it did—it was really bad, and we knew there was no way we could have our 200-person wedding anymore, if we could even have it at all.”



“After all that planning ahead, we literally had to start over with a new plan from scratch (3 times, actually). Finally, we landed on a plan of a backyard wedding with our immediate families only, and even then we couldn’t include our family who would have traveled from across the country. We were disappointed, heartbroken, and honestly grieving the loss of the big day, but we were on track for making a smaller, special day still happen.”

“Grant and I both still say we wouldn’t change a thing. It was the most perfect, imperfect day. It still felt like a wedding. It still felt like the best day of our lives. And we would still go back and do it over and over again, plan or no plan.”