“I’d say this entire process has been a roller coaster ride for us, our family, and friends; the thing that stands out MOST to me is the immense support and love we’ve been surrounded with. We have been SO humbled by this process and everyone stepping up to tackle the hurdles with us.
The day was a dream, and flew by! I wish I could go back and do it again and again and again.
We changed venues twice, rescheduled four days before our original date, downsized our guest list multiple times, and reorganized vendors countless times. Through it all, we knew that ultimately we wanted to be married, no matter how small our guest list had to be, or where it was held.
We stayed optimistic and positive through the process, but I don’t think it became real until we were getting ready the morning of the wedding; I finally realized, there was no “other shoe” to drop, there wasn’t going to be another emergency order changing our plans, we were walking down the aisle, TODAY.
 I think we had lived our lives for months with the notion that at any time everything could be flipped upside down again, and the universe continued to prove us right time and time again, it just became the norm. It felt amazing to finally relax and enjoy the day we had worked so hard for.
Our original wedding date was cold and rainy, while we somehow ended up with 70 degree weather in November, and back at our original venue-I’d say it was meant to be!”