“Planning a wedding can be challenging under any circumstances, but when we got engaged in October of 2019 we had no idea just how crazy 2020 would be!

At the beginning, the big decisions were easy. Northern Michigan is a special place for both of us and we knew we wanted to plan a full weekend itinerary that no one would forget. Fast forward 6 months and we must have planned 4 different weddings, in different locations, and of different sizes because times were that uncertain.

We were committed to getting married on our chosen date regardless, and that is what propelled us to the finish line. Although we had to make many adjustments along the way, we were able to have our dream wedding in our dream place…Petoskey, Michigan.

Our wedding day consisted of crazy high winds, followed by a torrential downpour, then a rainbow and the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen. The day, much like 2020, had its challenges but more than ever it highlighted what truly matters…..committing to spend our lives together, in our special place, with our favorite people. It was the most magical day of our lives and 2020 made it more memorable than we could have ever imagined!”

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